I show and talk about subjects people of today try to ignore. — Brittini Renee

"Black Beauty," Brittini Renee
“Black Beauty,” Brittini Renee

Brittini Renee has defiantly chosen bright colors over depression.  The emerging artist’s experience of racism has galvanized her creativity and empowered her to valiantly prevail over grim reality with soul-searching painting, poetry, and creative writing.  The artist’s reverence for beauty, and creativity, defies racial dehumanization in favor of human dignity.  Her creative voice allows her to express her personal concerns presenting minority groups not as others, but rather as precious human beings.  Black Beauty, for example, presents an African American woman in savvy, vibrant colors and polished style.

Similarly, Brittini Renee’s creative writing challenges false stereotypes.  Her piece entitled Society reflects her nuanced view of racism with poignant questions about insidious assumptions commonly made about minorities.  At the same time, the artist emphasizes a shared humanity.


Society dines and wines on segregation and separation.

They speak of  How one race has more than the other.

How your neighbor is richer than you.

Society complains about how your race is perceived in the media.

We complain that no one understands the struggle of your race.

But do you understand the struggle of your race?

Were you on the hot plantations pickin’ cotton and answering


No, you were not, so stop claiming that you were.

 Instead of society standing on separation we should stand

on assimilation.

The assimilation that we are all the same. 

No color, gender, or nationality defines who we are.

DNA defines individuals.

Blood types, heart rhythms, brain patterns, and fingerprints

‘separate’ us.

Our color is less significant,  because if we were burned beyond recognition,

they would learn who a person was with science.

Not how much money you had or wanted.

Not by your education level, or the car you drove.

Just science. 

Society does not stand on a mountain but instead on a

active volcano

-Brittini Renee

Brittini Renee voices concerns that are easy to ignore.  In re-framing her vision in creative terms, she has discovered a strategy for not only surviving an often depressing reality, but also dispelling ignorance with creativity.


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