Artist Carol Roullard amplifies and records the spellbinding patterns and iridescent colors that she’s discovered through her microscope transforming them into art that invites her viewer to inhabit brilliant and unfamiliar universes.  In the statement below, Carol elaborates on her love affair with nature, as well as her discovery.

"Rose Mountains at Sunset," courtesy of Carol Roullard,
“Rose Mountains at Sunset,” courtesy of Carol Roullard,

I am a photographer who was captivated when I first saw chemical crystals through the microscope. Never in my wildest dreams did I think there was this world of intense color and luminosity. The crystals grew in such unique patterns sometimes spreading smoothly in an organized fashion across the glass and other times crashing into each other forming bridges and barriers like molten rock that dries and hardens into crystallized structures.

"Microscape," courtesy of Carol Roullard,
“Microscape,” courtesy of Carol Roullard,

I fell madly in love with the intensity and wonderment of what I would find next. I found abstracts; formations that looked like land and seascapes, even flowers and once a group of faces. I mixed chemicals together and later realized that I should be grateful I didn’t burn down the house or fill the room with noxious gases. Although I was reckless with excitement, that experiment nevertheless produced some of the most exciting results.   Carol Roullard

"Ice Phoenix," courtesy of Carol Roullard,
“Ice Phoenix,” courtesy of Carol Roullard,

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