Brittini Renee's work in progress. This photograph is courtesy of Brittini Renee.


Brittini Renee returns to Art Copy to share her ideas about the contemporary artist.  She has recently joined her creative efforts with community projects that raise awareness and resources.  I’ve enjoyed being an onlooker to the creative development of this young artist, poet,  and now  community animator.  Please join us for an interview with a gutsy young artist who continues to find her own voice, style, and purpose.


Art Copy:  Welcome back to Art Copy Brittini Renee.  Would you like to introduce yourself?  Where do you find ideas for your work?

Brittini Renee:  Life! I can be walking the dog, playing with my kids, or washing laundry and BOOM! a idea hits me.

AC: Do you feel that your art reflects your personality?

BR:  I feel that my art reflects not only my personality but also my opinions. Some opinions are more pronounced in my art than other’s but regardless, its always there if you look hard enough. 

AC:  How has your practice changed?

BR:  My practice has not changed just matured. I have ventured into using mediums that I have never used before, which has caused my art to slowly become more mature/advanced.

AC:  You’ve been busy writing a novel, have a book of poems available on kindle, and have been organizing community projects.   I remember reading one of your poems last March and admiring your courage in defining your own individual style.  Looking at your new art, I’m impressed by how you’ve been able to marry your creativity to your private concerns with the world around you.  In Mother’s War, for example, you’ve neatly joined your art with your concern for climate change into a practical fundraising campaign.

What is the artist’s role within their community?

BR: The artists role in the community whether its music, art, writing etc. is to inspire and share. Artists bring relief to the world in the form of their art. Art can inspire others to do amazing things. Art is more powerful than most realize.

AC:  Your response is inspiring in itself.  Yes, it must be powerful to inspire other people to come together and create and recognize beauty in the world around them.  I admire how artists like you, or Gilda Oliver,  and other community animators bring diverse groups together with concrete projects that grow each individual’s creative skill set.  More of these kinds of projects would give our communities a welcome lift, I think.

AC: Do you employ specific themes and symbolism in your work?

BR:  The themes and symbolism I employ differ from collection to collection. But the majority of them all inspire positivity and self-empowerment.

AC: What is your favorite viewer response to your art?

BR:  Comments and Likes show me that people appreciate my passion, which is more than enough for me.  Every single viewer is important to me as each Like inspires me to continue sharing.

AC:  Do you have any grievances with the art world and how it operates?

BR: There are many artists such as myself that enjoy creating art, as it is their true gift. BUT, unfortunately too often than not we are forced to work jobs that strangle our passion. And in the end most artists disappear before the world really knew them simply because they had no one interested enough, or was not seen enough, to make their passion a career.

AC:  You make a sobering point, I think.  Many artists will never realize their gift because of the way that the art market operates.

Have you always wanted to be an artist?

BR:  I have ALWAYS wanted to be a artist. As soon as I discovered crayons I knew this is what I wanted my career to be. It allows me to express myself in a positive light and also share my views with the world. What better career could I ask for?

AC:  Thank you, Brittini Renee for sharing your ideas and art with us. <examples in progress in the top header>

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